ZEROED Muzzle Brake .308


Indian Hand Forged Damascus daggers

Timber Wolf Black Hills Fixed Blade Knife And Leather Sheath .“Thar’s gold in them thar hills!” When you pull our Timber Wolf Black Hills Fixed Blade Knife out of its sheath, you can just about hear echoes of the Gold Rush spurred on by the Black Hills Expedition. The miners who settled in the Black Hills would have appreciated having the keenly sharp, 11” Damascus steel blade, with its very pronounced clip point, belted at their side.

A brand-new set of knuckles or a tried-and-true out-of-the-front knife? So why not combine the two? This amazing automated knife combines the best of both worlds into one handy package! The blade is composed of Damascus steel, and the titanium rainbow finish brings out the beautiful wave design even more.